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Oklahoma Emergency Response Systems Development Advisory Council (OERSDAC)

HB1467, enacted  November 1, 2013,  created the Oklahoma Trauma and Emergency Response Advisory Council (OTERAC) which effectively merged the  Oklahoma Emergency Response Service Development Advisory Council (OERSDAC) and the Oklahoma Trauma Systems Improvement and Development Advisory Council (OTSIDAC.)  Please click here for information on the OTERAC.

The Commissioner of Health has responsibility for administration and coordination of federal and state laws and programs relating to the development, planning, prevention, improvement, and management of emergency medical services, including but not limited to supporting the Oklahoma Emergency Response Systems Development Advisory Council (OERSDAC).

OERSDAC is an advisory council re-created regularly in accordance with the provisions of the Oklahoma Sunset Law.  The council is composed of physicians, health service providers, consumers of health care, other health care professionals, and persons involved in the education and training of emergency medical personnel.

The nineteen members of OERSDAC are appointed as follows: six members by the Governor, five members by the Commissioner of Health, four by the Speaker of the House of Representatives, and four by the President Pro Tempore of the Senate.

The OERSDAC members serve two-year terms and may be re-appointed for up to three consecutive terms. They advise the Commissioner on matters including, but not limited to the following:  
�?� Training program specifications
�?� Procedures that may be performed by EMS personnel
�?� Qualifications for licensure and certification of EMS personnel
�?� Patient care equipment for ambulances
�?� Ambulance specifications
�?� Criteria and standards for the classification of EMS services rendered

All meetings of OERSDAC and its sub-committees are open to the public in accordance with the Open Meetings act. OERSDAC is scheduled on a quarterly basis with the agenda and specific meeting information posted on the OSDH website. Sub-committee meetings are called as needed with appropriate postings.

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