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Public Pools, Spas and Splash Pads

Notice: As of June 28th, 2021, Emergency Rules related to lifeguards have been submitted and signed. View the Emergency Order.

Exemption request letters containing the provisions listed in the emergency rules can be sent to or for consideration. 

Regulation of public pools, spas, splash pads and other "public bathing places" reduces the incidence of illness and injury. All public bathing places shall be maintained in a sanitary and safe condition, and all owners, managers, operators and other attendants in charge of any public bathing place shall be responsible for the sanitation and safety of such places during the season or seasons when the public bathing place is in use. Inspection of the facilities is performed by county sanitarians.

Effective as of October 1, 2017

Current Fee

Public Bathing Initial 


Public Bathing Renewal (annual)


Municipal (pop. < 5000) Initial / Renewal


Annual securing fee (out-of-service)


Click here to review all fee changes in OAC 310:250.

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