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Reinstatement of Registration

If your registration has expired past March 1 of the calendar year following your last date of current registration, you must apply for reinstatement.  An individual may apply for reinstatement at any time after March 1.

To be eligible to reinstate, our office must be able to verify you have passed the Sanitarian and Environmental Specialist Registration Exam administered by OSDH.  If your registration was issued prior to the implementation of the exam requirement, you must pass the exam before you can reinstate.

Applicants for reinstatement must submit the following:

  • Completed Application for Reinstatement
  • Completed Affidavit of Lawful Presence
  • Continuing Education Roster and supporting documentation, verifying twelve (12) hours of approved continuing education completed in the previous two (2) calendar years. 
  • Fees made payable to “Oklahoma State Department of Health” or “OSDH”:
    • $10.00 Reinstatement Fee, plus:
    • RPS or RPES: $35.00 per number of years expired (i.e., 2 years would be $70.00)
    • RPS and RPES: $70.00 per number of years expired (i.e., 2 years would be $140.00)
  • Registrants approved for reinstatement will keep their original registration number.
  • Note: Applicants may opt to instead apply as a brand-new registrant, following all regular procedures for that application (see here); however, they would be issued a new registration number upon approval.

Submit all required documents and fees via one of the following methods:

Mail (pay by check or money order) Pay Online

Oklahoma State Department of Health
Sanitarian & Environmental Specialist Program
PO Box 268815
Oklahoma City, OK 73126-8815

Click here for online portal.

If you require assistance in registering for the online payment process, please email OSDH.

If all required materials and fees are not received, the registrant will receive notification via email or postal mail from OSDH.

If all required materials and fees are received, a new wallet card will be mailed to the registrant.

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