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Continuing Education

Hourly Requirements

Fully-registered Sanitarians (RPS) and/or Environmental Specialists (RPES) must complete a total of twelve (12) hours of continuing education (CE) every two (2) years to satisfy renewal requirements.

The following registrants are exempt from continuing education requirements:

  • Full RPS and/or RPES who have had their registration less than one (1) year
  • Lifetime Registrants
  • In-Training Registrants (RPSIT and/or RPESIT)

Be aware that OSDH does not track any continuing education submitted for exempt registrants.

The CE due date for each individual RPS/RPES is calculated based on the date you were first fully registered, two (2) years from initial expire date and every two (2) years thereafter.  (For example, a RPS/RPES first fully registered on October 8, 2014 would not owe any continuing education until December 31, 2016 and then December 31, 2018, and so forth.)  If you are not certain of your CE due date, please contact OSDH or check your most recent renewal form.

Submitting Continuing Education

CE must be submitted directly to OSDH annually on the Continuing Education Roster attached to your Renewal Form, including certification via at least one of the following options:

  • Certificate of course/conference completion from provider
  • Course/Conference Agenda + Sign In Sheet from course provider
  • Continuing Education Verification Form (ONLY if prior two options are unavailable)

All CE documentation should include the following:

  • Name of student/registrant
  • Title of Course/Conference
  • Sponsoring Agency/School
  • Course/Conference Website (if applicable)
  • Date of Course/Conference
  • Total CE Hours Earned From Course/Conference
  • Relevant Duty Task List Item(s)

All submitted courses or conference must be relevant to at least one (1) item on the Duty Task List to be eligible for RPS/RPES continuing education.  (Formal Advisory Council approval is not required for individual courses or conferences, but may be done upon request by contacting OSDH.)

Continuing education must be completed in the 2-year period immediately prior to your CEU due date.  Continuing education completed before that point is not eligible and will not be counted in the total hours indicated on your renewal form.

Oklahoma Registrants Registered Out-of-State

If you are a full Oklahoma RPS and/or RPES registrant and also hold a current RPS/RPES registration from another jurisdiction [i.e., Texas] with continuing education requirements equivalent to or greater than Oklahoma’s, you may submit to OSDH a copy of that current out-of-state registration with your annual Oklahoma renewal as proof of meeting Oklahoma’s continuing education requirements.

Tracking Continuing Education

It is strongly recommended that all registrants keep their own ongoing record/file of all completed continuing education.  OSDH only tracks continuing education for the purpose of Oklahoma registration renewal requirements, and anything completed beyond the 12 hours required for renewal is not guaranteed to be tracked by our office.  (Similarly, OSDH does not track continuing education for in-training registrants, as those individuals do not require continuing education with our office.)

Every year in mid-November, current RPS/RPES registrants should receive a renewal notification via email with their continuing education total on it.  If you have not received this renewal by the first week in December, please contact OSDH.

OSDH is currently developing an online portal which, among other features, will include a place for live submission and tracking of continuing education.   Check back here for updates on this feature.

Where to Obtain Continuing Education

Most continuing education can be completed online, or through attendance at qualifying meetings or conferences.

OSDH does not maintain a comprehensive list of all eligible courses and conferences, as any training relevant to an item on the Duty Task List and within the registrant’s most current CEU cycle may be eligible to be counted towards the 12-hour biennial requirement.

A number of eligible online courses are available through:

Other courses or conferences may be available through local educational institutions or employers.

NOTE: OSDH is not affiliated with any continuing education providers.  Therefore, all continuing education documentation must be submitted directly to OSDH to be counted towards your 12-hour requirement.

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