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NEW: Per the January 13, 2021 Executive Order from Governor Stitt, all CHS occupational licenses that have been extended through any previous executive order will expire on January 30, 2021. All renewals must be processed with 14 days of that date (February 13, 2021). If renewals are not submitted by Feb 13th, 2021, the license will be considered expired and be subject to enforcement actions.  This change will not affect late fees, which due to the ongoing pandemic have been waived for all CHS occupational and establishment licenses per emergency rules promulgated by the department. See emergency rules here.

Mobile Food Establishments

There are multiple types of mobile licenses based on the types of food prepared and sold as well as the type of cart, trailer or vehicle and where the foods are sold.  To learn more about a specific type of mobile license and the requirements, click on the type below.

  • Mobile food establishment – a vehicle mounted establishment that prepares and sales food inside the vehicle.  This operation closely resembles a restaurant on wheels. 
  • Mobile retail food establishment – an operation that sells only packaged food where the food has been prepared in an approved, regulated facility.  This may be a vehicle or stationary display.
  • Indoor mobile pushcart – a food unit that is not self-propelled and can be manually moved, located within the confines of a building.
  • Outdoor mobile pushcart – a food unit that is not self-propelled and can be manually moved operated outside.

Depending on the exact nature of operations, a commissary license may also be required (separate license in addition to the mobile license).  A commissary is a facility used to maintain safe and sanitary operations for the cleaning and servicing of pushcarts and mobile units; and for the storage of single service articles used during the operation of food sales.  Click on the type of operation above to learn more about the application and requirements of a commissary for your specific operation.

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