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Advisory Committee on Midwifery

The Advisory Committee on Midwifery is authorized by statute (59 O.S. § 3040.1- 3040.13) to serve the Oklahoma State Department of Health. The Advisory Committee is composed of seven members. Members are appointed for a 6-year staggered term. The Advisory Committee on Midwifery shall meet a minimum of four (4) times per year, and at other times as deemed necessary by the Committee. Meetings will be held in accordance with the Open Meetings Act.  

If a vacancy occurs during a member's term, the Commissioner may appoint a replacement after the candidate submits a resume to the Consumer Health Service program area of OSDH. The replacement member will serve out the vacated member's remaining term. The replacement member will then be eligible to serve the two (2) term limit as described in 59 O.S. § 3040.5(B). 

Applications, complaints, disciplinary actions, appeals and other considerations for the Committee shall be submitted to the Department at least one (1) week before a scheduled meeting.  

The Committee will review and make recommendation to all applicants for licensure, assist and advise on hearings, and review and make recommendation on all complaints to the Department. 

The Committee may refuse to consider any application that is not complete in every detail, including submission of every document required by the application form. The Committee may, in its discretion, require a more detailed or complete response to any request for information set forth in the application form as a condition to consideration of an application. 

The Advisory Committee shall advise the Commissioner on all matters pertaining to midwifery. This includes:

  • Scope and standards of practice, licensure requirements, examination requirements, exceptions thereto, renewal requirements, temporary licensure and endorsement of reciprocity requirements;
  • Methods and requirements for ensuring the continued competence of licensed and registered persons, including the type of courses and number of hours required to meet the basic midwifery education course and continuing midwifery education course requirements, and instructors or facilities used in the basic and continuing education requirements;
  •  Procedures for reporting of outcomes including, but not limited to, live births and fetal, newborn or maternal deaths;
  • Grounds for reporting and processing complaints, violations, probation, revocation or suspension of license or reinstatement provisions;
  • All other matters which may pertain to the practice of midwifery

Advisory Committee Members

Appointee Categories Appointing Authority Term Expires
Sarah Foster Licensed Midwife Commissioner of Health 11/6/2026
Michelle Hernandez Licensed Midwife Commissioner of Health 11/6/2026
Nikki Imes Licensed Midwife Commissioner of Health 11/6/2026
Dr. Kate Arnold OB Physician Commissioner of Health 11/6/2026
Dr. Sarah Hall Family Practice or Pediatrician Commissioner of Health 11/6/2026
Shaun Baranowski Certified Nurse-Midwife Commissioner of Health 11/6/2026
Lecye Doolen Public Member Commissioner of Health 11/6/2026

Meeting Schedule for 2020

(Agendas are linked to the meeting date.  PDF file requires the FREE Adobe™ Reader in order to open.)

Date Time Location Room Agenda Minutes
11/16/2020 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM 123 Robert S. Kerr Ave., Oklahoma City Virtual Meeting via Microsoft Teams Agenda  
Last Modified on Nov 12, 2020
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