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Hotels, Motels and Lodging

This program serves to monitor the sanitary conditions existing in lodging establishments for compliance with regulatory standards established by the Department.

Effective October 1, 2017– Summary of Fee Changes

Current Fee

Fee Starting 10/1/2017

Hotel/Motel (51-A) Initial Fee



Hotel/Motel (51-A) Renewal Fee (annual)



Hotel/Motel (51-B) Initial Fee



Hotel/Motel (51-B) Renewal Fee (annual)



Hotel/Motel (51-C) Initial Fee



Hotel/Motel (51-C) Renewal Fee (annual)



Hotel/Motel Plan Review Fee



Food Service Initial



Food Service Renewal (annual)



Food Service Plan Review Fee



Click here to review all fee changes in OAC 310:250.

Limited Food Service

Lodging establishments which provide "limited" food service as defined under OAC 310:285-3-14 do not require a separate food service license:

  • Coffee, tea, fruit juice, milk, and soda
  • Whole or commercially packaged fruit, baked goods, and cereals
  • Jams, jellies, syrups, butter, cheese, and yogurt
  • Commercially produced waffle mixes and gravy

*Except for milk, all potentially hazardous foods must be commercially packaged in individual servings.

Full Service

Lodging establishments providing any other type of food service in lodging facilities must obtain a food service license from the department and shall comply with the requirements of food service establishments.

Bed Bug Complaints

Consumer Health Service is able to take complaints regarding bed bugs in hotels and motels, but the Consumer Health Service is unable to assist in the removal of bed bugs in private residential facilities such as houses or apartments.  If you have a complaint regarding bed bugs in a hotel or motel please complete the Consumer Health Service Complaint form.

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