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Health Swimming Behaviors

Help Stop Disease Outbreaks from Swimming

  1. Shower before swimming.
    • Wash your child before swimming (especially the rear end).
  2. Don’t swallow pool water
    • Avoid getting any water in the mouth.
  3. Don't swim with diarrhea
    • You and/or your child should wait at least two weeks after diarrhea resolves before swimming again.
  4. Avoid pool accidents (report accidents to pool manager).
    • Take frequent bathroom pool breaks, change diapers often, and use special swimming diapers.
  5. Change diapers in designated areas such as the restroom, not at the poolside.
  6. Wash up! Wash hands frequently, especially after changing diapers or using the restroom.
Protect yourself and others from germs in the pool. For further information on healthy swimming behaviors, call your local county health department or visit the Oklahoma State Department of Health.

Contact Information

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Consumer Health Service
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Oklahoma City, OK 73126 

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Oklahoma State Department of Health
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