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Tracking and Submitting Apprentice Program Hours

You must be approved by the Department to begin accumulating hours for your apprenticeship.  Hours acquired prior to Department approval will not be counted.  Learn more about applying to the Apprentice Program.

Once approved, a minimum of 1,500 curriculum hours must be accumulated over the course of at least one (1) year and no more than two (2) years.

Weekly Time Sheets

During this time, an Apprentice Program Weekly Time Sheet must be filled out to document how much time was spent in each of the six curriculum program categories.  Copies of these weekly forms shall be submitted at the end of each quarter with a quarterly progress report.

Quarterly Progress Report

Every three (3) months, a copy of the Apprentice Program Quarterly Progress Report shall be submitted along with copies of that quarter’s weekly time sheets.  Please submit the originals to OSDH, and keep copies for your personal records.

These forms may be submitted quarterly by:

Mailing Address:

Oklahoma State Department of Health

Consumer Health Service

PO Box 268815

OKC, OK 73126-8815

Contact Information:

Phone: (405) 271-5243

Fax:     (405) 271-3458

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