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Funding Focus

The CMS National Nursing Home Quality Care Collaborative uses 13 clinical measures [1] in a composite scoring method to determine quality of care in nursing homes. Oklahoma scores poorly compared to the region and nation, only meeting or exceeding the national average in three of the 13 components of the Composite Score. An automated Composite Score Calculator is available from the Health Services Advisory Group (HSAG) [1].

In addition to clinical care areas, CMS and the Program also encourage organizational improvement initiatives for consistent assignment, reduced hospitalizations, person-centered care, and staff stability. Other funding priority areas may be categorized as dementia care, quality of life, and quality of care.

The OSDH produces a quarterly score card for nursing home care. The score card compares Oklahoma's performance to the region and the nation. The 13 long-stay measures and the composite score calculation are included. Please use the left have navigation to view the current score card.

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