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How We Fund Projects in Oklahoma:

Apply for funding:

OSDH develops and funds projects in one of two ways: inter-agency agreement contracts or the formal solicitation and bid process through the use of Requests For Proposals (RFP). The RFP process is not limited to state agencies; it is an open bidding process for all qualified organizations as described in the solicitation packet.

Cover Letter Template Information
Communicative Technology Device application: For Nursing facility, skilled nursing facility, or dually-participating skilled nursing facilities.  
Vendor Payee Form
COVID-19 Technology Checklist

In-Person Visitation Application Template: For Nursing facility, skilled nursing facility, or dually-participating skilled nursing facilities. 

In-Person Visitation Application FAQ


Applications must be submitted to the respective state for preliminary approval; upon review, states may submit select proposals for CMS approval. Effective January 1, 2012, CMS requires prior CMS approval for any new project, grantee, or use of federally imposed CMP funds.  [See CMS SC 12-13-NH, December 16, 2011]  State requests for approval submitted to CMS use the most current CMS Region form. CMS Region VI application form is available online and is posted as part of the solicitation packet for the open bidding time frame of the Oklahoma solicitation process.

The application includes the following components (Click to view CMP Application):

Scroll down to Downloads and select CMP Reinvestment Application Resources to include instructions on completing your application.

  • Purpose and summary
  • Expected outcomes
  • Outcome measurement
  • Benefits to nursing home residents
  • Non-supplanting
  • Consumer and stakeholder involvement
  • Funding
  • Involved organizations
  • State contacts

Grant Cycle & Information Sessions

Approximately once a year the Program will release a request for proposals (RFP) for entities to provide either specified services or to develop innovative approaches to improve quality of care in nursing homes.  State procurement procedures require a solicitation and contract process.  During the RFP cycle, potential applicants may access the bid packet online:

During the open bid cycle all questions must be addressed to the purchasing agent listed in the bid packet. The CMP Program cannot directly address any questions about potential programming during this cycle. This is a simplified version of the process:

Request for Proposals

  • The OSDH releases a request for proposals, which is posted online. (Proposals from entities that are NOT state agencies will only be accepted while the RFP is open for bidding.)
  • Proposals are reviewed and scored at OSDH.
  • If needed additional information and/or negotiation will occur.
  • Proposals that meet the OSDH evaluation criteria and align with the Program’s strategic allocation plan will be recommended for funding.
  • Select proposals will be submitted to the CMS Region VI Office for funding approval. By its policy and procedure, CMS has 45 days to review.
  • Upon CMS approval, OSDH completes the state contract and procurement process.
  • Once the contract is dually executed, work on the project may begin.
  • OSDH procurement office will notify the Program and Contractor of the appropriate purchase order instruction.

Inter-Agency Projects

  • The Program, informed by data and stakeholders, selects a project to develop and implement based on its quality assurance and performance improvement process.
  • The Program manager completes a project proposal for review by the Deputy Commissioner of Protective Health Services and applicable workgroups.
  • An appropriate state agency is identified to carry-out the work.
  • The selected agency reviews and amends the proposal until all parties agree on the scope and cost of work.
  • The project proposal is submitted to the OSDH PHS Deputy Commissioner for final approval.
  • The project proposal is submitted to the CMS Region VI Office for approval. By its policy and procedure, CMS has 45 days to review.
  • The OSDH completes the state contract process.
  • The OSDH completes a contract with the selected project coordinator.
  • Once the contract is dually executed, work on the project may begin.
  • OSDH procurement office will notify the Program and Contractor of the appropriate purchase order instruction.


Periodically, the Civil Monetary Penalty Program will send out notifications with important information and updates. They are listed below:

Civil Money Penalty (CMP) Reinvestment Application Template COVID-19 Communicative Technology Request 


For the Communicative Technology Application click here. Please complete this application for only for the Communicative Technology requests.

Click here for a copy of the application for the use with multiple year CMP Funds in Oklahoma, CMS Region VI. 

(other documentation required as outlined in the official bid packet)


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