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Rules and Statutes

The Injury Prevention Service was created in 1987 with a federal grant from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The Commissioner of Health declared hospitalized and fatal burns, drowning/near drowning, and spinal cord injuries as reportable conditions for special study, and the Injury Prevention Service began statewide surveillance for those conditions that year. Since then, the injury surveillance system has expanded to include traumatic brain injuries, work-related deaths, traffic-related deaths, and violent deaths (homicide, suicide, etc.).

In accordance with 63 O.S. Section 1-114.3(B) and OAC Section 310:515-1-9, the Oklahoma State Department of Health Injury Prevention Service supports this registry to collect information on all assaults on medical care providers. Every hospital, health clinic, and ambulance service must complete the Medical Professional Assault Registry for every assault on a medical professional.

Rules Pertaining to Injury Prevention Service Data Collection

310:515-1-4. Additional diseases, conditions, and injuries to be reported

310:515-1-6. Additional diseases may be designated.

  • The Commissioner of Health may designate any disease or condition as reportable for a designated period of time for the purpose of special investigation.

Statutes Pertaining to Injury Prevention Service Areas of Focus

All-Terrain Vehicles

Drug/Medication Intervention and Control

  • 63 O.S. § 1-2506.1. Authorization of First Responders to Administer Opiate Antagonists
  • 63 O.S. § 1-2506.2. Prescribing Opiate Antagonists to Family Members of Individuals Who Exhibit Signs of Overdose
  • 63 O.S. § 2-309. Relates to prescriptions for controlled dangerous substances; prohibits refills for any product containing hydrocodone.
  • 63 O.S. § 2-309D. Anti-Drug Diversion Act. Adding Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services and the State Board of Health/State Department of Health access to central repository information for certain purposes.

Graduated Driver Licensing / Cell Phone Use While Driving


Motor Vehicle Passenger Safety

Rights of Victims of Violent Crimes

Sports-related Head Injuries

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