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Enhanced Oklahoma State Immunization Information System coming in Fall 2020

The Oklahoma State Immunization Information System (OSIIS) began operations in 1994. It is a statewide immunization registry operated by the Oklahoma State Department of Health. This system is designed to collect and maintain accurate, complete, and current immunization records for Oklahomans of all ages. However, not all clinics participate in OSIIS, therefore OSIIS does not contain the immunization records of all Oklahomans.

Enhanced OSIIS

The Oklahoma State Department of Health - Immunization Service is pleased to announce that we will be transitioning to an enhanced Oklahoma State Immunization Information System.  We are working to ensure that our partners in the Immunization community are aware, prepared and supported during the transition.  The system has been purchased from the vendor, Envision Technology Partners, and is a commercial off-the-shelf Immunization Information System (IIS).  Several states currently use Envision’ s IIS including 5 of the 6 neighboring states and Oklahoma will benefit from the community updates.   

Why OSIIS is Transitioning

Current OSIIS Does Not
Enhanced OSIIS Will
  • Meet national IIS functional requirements
  • Fully integrate with provider’s Electronic Health Record (HER) systems
  • Have a fully functioning inventory reconciliation process
  • Meet the requirements for stage 3 meaningful use.
  • Provide EHR vendors streamlined HL7 onboarding functionality to test and validate messages.
  • Communicate seamlessly with provider EHR through bi-directional messaging.
  • Generate provider-level immunization coverage reports for quality improvement efforts.
  • Improve vaccine management functionality including inventory, ordering, transfers, wastage, and storage unit features.
  • Provide brand-new data quality features which ensure a more reliable system is maintained.
  • Provide upgraded reporting capabilities for clinicians including provider site, region, and population characteristics.
  • Provide enhanced electronic exchange with EHR systems including forecast feature.
  • Provide enhanced vaccine deduplication features that helps consolidate records from multiple providers into a single record for each patient.
  • Provide enhanced functionality for pandemic response.

Projected Timeline for Project Milestones

Summer 2019

  • Purchase of IIS software from Envision Technology Partners - Complete
  • IIS Kickoff meeting - Complete

Fall/Winter 2019

  • System Design – Complete
  • Data Conversion Planning - Complete

Spring/Summer 2020

  • Data Conversion – In Process
  • OSIIS Super User Trainings – Complete
  • OSIIS Train the Trainer – Complete
  • User Acceptance Testing – In Process
  • Provider HL7 Onboarding – In Process

Fall 2020

  • User Acceptance Testing (continued) – In Process
  • Provider HL7 Onboarding (continued) – In Process
  • Provider User Trainings – Coming Soon
  • Enhanced OSIIS Goes Live

FAQs about Transition to Enhanced OSIIS

Why is OSIIS being replaced?
OSIIS does not meet national IIS functional requirements and does not fully integrate with provider’s EHR systems.  OSIIS does not have a fully functioning inventory reconciliation process and it struggles to stay up-to-date with changing vaccine schedules.

What will it cost providers to use OSIIS?
There is no cost to use OSIIS.  There could be a cost associated with connecting with OSIIS through an EHR.  We recommend that providers contact their EHR vendor to determine any cost that might be associated with connecting to and maintaining the IIS.  Providers that do not have an EHR will follow the same manual data entry procedures to enter records and will incur no cost to do so.

Will users have new usernames/logins for enhanced OSIIS?
Yes, if you are already a user of the current OSIIS, you will receive an encrypted email closer to go-live with your username and password.  New users to the system will need to request access to OSIIS.  It is recommended that all users either update or enter their email address in the current OSIIS as soon as possible to avoid delays in receiving their new username/password.

Will there be a training environment for the users to practice in prior to go live?
Yes, a training environment will be available for users to practice prior to go live.  We will provide more information soon.

Will we need to document the immunizations in both our EHR and OSIIS?
You will need to enter the immunization into OSIIS directly if your EHR does not have an HL7 interface with OSIIS.

Will information currently in OSIIS transfer to the enhanced OSIIS?
Yes, all information currently in OSIIS will transfer to the enhanced OSIIS except for inventory.  At go-live each clinic will need to manually enter the Vaccines for Children (VFC) vaccine they have in inventory.

If you search for a patient and they are not in OSIIS, do we need to manually add them to OSIIS?
If you are not using an EHR that transmits data via HL7, then you will need to create the new patient in OSIIS.  If you are submitting data via HL7, then your EHR will create the new patient for you in OSIIS.

Immunization Service will keep providers and partners updated on the project’s progress and share information as it becomes available.

Oklahoma State Immunization Information System (OSIIS)
Training opportunities, information, and updates will be provided once they become available.

OSIIS requires Internet Explorer version 11. 
Click here to update now!

OSIIS Helpdesk

(405) 271-7200
Monday - Friday
8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

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