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MIPS Planning Tools

Below is the template for the Oklahoma MIPS Plan and a few additional templates that make up the overall plan.  These tools are designed to assist in planning and may or may not be used at the discretion of the county health administrator.

Title Description
MIPS Plan Template Tool for local planners to create a comprehensive plan.  It includes general statewide information that is relevant across the state as well as sections to provide site specific planning information.
Job Action Sheets  Immunization Clinic Roles and Functions (DOC, 614KB)
Prophylaxis Clinic Roles and Functions (DOC, 566KB)
Warehouse Roles and Functions (DOC, 127KB)
ICS Forms Common Incident Command System forms utilized for a public health response.
Site Specific Planning Template This spreadsheet template allows you to collect site specific information for all Points of Dispensing Sites (PODS) while keeping all information in one document.
Site Specific Security Template This template is a tool to work closely with law enforcement and identify points of security for all sites. 
Apportionment Workbook A spreadsheet to assist local communities in apportioning supplies quickly based on a population percentage.
Inventory Workbook This is a tool to provide electronic and hardcopy tracking forms for the distribution of supplies from the local county warehouse to the PODS.
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