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Mass Immunization/Prophylaxis Strategy (MIPS)

MIPS is Oklahoma's mass dispensing planning efforts for the Strategic National Stockpile program.  It includes all medical countermeasure dispensing to include vaccinations for small pox or pandemic flu and oral medications for biological outbreaks, chemical releases, or dirty bomb detonation.    

Thirty-five health departments across the state have been tasked with coordinating a MIPS response with surrounding communities in their areas.  This includes setting up Points of Dispensing (aka PODs) for the general public to come and pick up medicine.  If you would like to volunteer in your area, click here for more information.  If you are an agency that would like to assist in planning or become a Push Partner, please contact a regional team member in your area or your local county health department.  For contact information click here.

"What is a POD?" (PDF)

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