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CHEMPACK is a program under the Division of the Strategic National Stockpile at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The mission of that division is to deliver critical medical material to the site of a public health or medical emergency within 12 hours. However, for a chemical or nerve agent event, medical material is needed within the first hour. Realizing the transport would take longer than the necessary time to treat these incidents, it was decided to place these assets within states for a quicker response.

CHEMPACK assets are stored across the State of Oklahoma in secure locations. These assets may be accessed in a moments notice if the local areas or state do not have enough supplies on hand to treat the number of people affected.

Another benefit of this program is the Shelf-Life Extension Program.  CDC retains ownership and constantly monitors temperature and access to the supplies. This allows for the product to extend past the expiration date saving money that would otherwise be needed to replace the assets.

Oklahoma's CHEMPACK Program

CHEMPACK containers were allotted to states based on population percentage.  Oklahoma received a total of 24 containers to place around the state.  The Oklahoma State Department of Health worked with the Oklahoma Office of Homeland Security, Oklahoma Department of Emergency Management, Metropolitan Medical Response Systems and Regional Medical Response Systems to identify general areas for storage.  Sites were chosen based on population, possible threats and as much coverage of the state with a 45 mile radius from a container position.

Local first responders have been asked to coordinate use of the assets with their regional Medical Emergency Response Center to ensure the most efficient use of the supplies.

Click here to access Oklahoma's CHEMPACK Utilization Guide.

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