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Basic Components of Pandemic Flu Planning

Oklahoma has supported the creation of plans to coordinate responses with all partners.  The purpose is to ensure people and organizations not accustomed to preparing are aware of, and understand, the actions and priorities of the state when responding to these potential risks.

Emergency Preparedness and Response Service has created templates to assist our partners in creating their own plans so they may also prepare for their response. Each County Health Department created their specific plan in partnership with the Oklahoma State Department of Health. This partnership allows for county explicit responses in the event of a Pandemic Influenza occurrence. The County Pandemic Influenza Plan summarizes the responsibilities of each county's ten essential components to an influenza pandemic.

The nine components are:

  • Command, Control, and Management
  • Surveillance and Laboratory Diagnosis
  • Delivery of Vaccine
  • Acquisition and Delivery of Antiviral Medications
  • Health Systems and Emergency Response
  • Community Disease Control and Prevention
  • Infection Control
  • Clinical Guidelines
  • Risk Communication
  • Workforce Psychosocial Support

Just as each county has a template for the County Pandemic Influenza Plan set in place; each participating tribe also has designed a Pandemic Influenza Plan. Each tribe's plan may differ from tribe to tribe but the tribes have the same common goals and factors.

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