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The Oklahoma State Department of Health (OSDH) is committed to maintaining and enhancing systems necessary to achieve state and local level public health and medical system emergency preparedness across Oklahoma.  Since 2002, OSDH has utilized emergency preparedness funding to develop an integrated emergency response system that spans the local, regional and state level.  The foundation of this system is built on joint planning with public, private and tribal response partners.  Available resources are leveraged whenever possible to maximize achievement of target capabilities, and a comprehensive training and exercise program is maintained to test and enhance emergency response plans at the local, regional and state level.

The Regional Medical Response System (RMRS) was created by OSDH starting in 2005 to develop and coordinate HCCs in each sub-state region of Oklahoma.  OSDH assigns primary responsibility for medical system emergency response coordination to RMRS during times of disaster.  RMRS operates a Medical Emergency Response Center (MERC) designed to serve as the HCC emergency operations center during times of crisis.  The MERC functions as a component of the regional Multi-Agency Coordinating (MAC) system during emergencies that necessitate response coordination across multiple jurisdictions or counties within a sub-state region.  The OSDH Situation Room monitors and supports medical system response activities in all regions of the state.

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