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What is the Public Health Investigation and Disease Detection of Oklahoma (PHIDDO) System?

PHIDDO is a user-friendly, secure, internet-based application. It offers real-time reporting of communicable diseases and outbreaks. The system is only accessible to persons with specific authorization to enter and view records and information. Online case reporting eliminates the need for faxing and mailing reports to OSDH and reduces paperwork. It offers a centralized system for reporting and the ability to search and update previously submitted reports.

Who should be a PHIDDO user?

If you are a Physician, Physician Assistant, Nurse Practitioner, Infection Preventionist, Laboratorian, Sentinel Provider or any other clinical or healthcare professional who would be submitting cases of reportable diseases and conditions or conducting disease investigations, we would like to enroll you today.

How can I be a PHIDDO user?

To register or if you have any questions about PHIDDO, please contact Tony McCord, Anthony Lee or the Epidemiologist-On-Call at (405) 271-4060. Our e-mail address is

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