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Oklahoma State Department of Health Central Office Inclement Weather Protocol

The Oklahoma State Department of Health will monitor possible inclement weather and official reduction of state services to ensure impacted locations and employees are notified of the effective dates and hours of office closure/modified work schedule when weather conditions are hazardous for travel. 

The Commissioner of Public Safety, as authorized by the Governor, will determine office closure or modified work schedules for non-essential services for the following counties:  Canadian, Cleveland, Lincoln, Logan, McClain, Oklahoma, and Pottawatomie.  State employees designated to maintain basic minimum services (staff essential functions) should remain at work or report to work as scheduled.  Authority: O.S. 74 § 840-2.20A(B) Merit Rule 530:10-15-72, Executive Order 2003-29, OPM 04-42.

OSDH Personnel should refer to the OSDH Inclement Weather Protocol and Hazardous Weather Planning Tool maintained by each Deputy Commissioner to determine essential and non-essential services/personnel.  The Inclement Weather Protocol does not address other emergency situations that may require agency closure or evacuation of all or parts of OSDH sites. 

Current Status:   OPEN
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