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Recently Adopted Amendments to the OSDH Rules

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Recently Adopted Amendments to the OSDH Rules

Use this link to view Proposed Amendments to the OSDH Rules.


Public hearings for proposed rule amendments are held pursuant to Title 75 O.S. § 303 (A). Rule amendments were adopted by the Oklahoma State Department of Health will be listed below by the date of adoption. Adoption does not mean the rule is effective. Click on the Chapter number to view the Rule and Rule Impact Statement as submitted. Rule amendments that have been permanently adopted by the Governor and Legislature will have an effective date listed.

To view the complete revised chapter and all other rule chapters of the Department, follow this link to the Secretary of State website for Title 310, Oklahoma State Department of Health, and select the chapter you wish to view.


Chapter and Rule Language

Adoption and Effective Date

OK Register Edition

Chapter 395. Licensed Midwives
Emergency Rules Adoptions:
December 22, 2020
Effective: February 2, 2021
Oklahoma Register: March 1, 2021

Emergency Rules Adoptions:
July 23, 2020
Effective: September 12, 2020

Oklahoma Register: September 1, 2020

These rules have been replaced with the subsequent version of midwives rules on February 2, 2021.

Emergency Rules Adoptions:
May 6, 2020
Effective: May 14, 2020

Oklahoma Register: July 15, 2020

Chapter 677. Nurse Aide Training And Certification

Emergency Rules Adoptions:
April 6, 2020

Effective: April 6, 2020

Oklahoma Register: May 1, 2020


The Oklahoma Secretary of State's Office of Administrative Rules (OAR) is responsible for publishing The Oklahoma Administrative Code and The Oklahoma Register. The OAR maintains the official records of the state's rules and rulemaking notices, and provides assistance to approximately 150 regulatory agencies in the rulemaking process. Unofficial copies of recently adopted rules available on our Website are also posted on the Website of The Oklahoma Administrative Code and The Oklahoma Register.

The Oklahoma Administrative Code is the official compilation of agency rules and executive orders for the State of Oklahoma. The Oklahoma State Department of Health rules are located in Title 310 of The Oklahoma Administrative Code.

The Oklahoma Register is a semi-monthly publication which serves as supplementation between publication of the annual supplements. The Oklahoma Register includes new rules, amendments, revisions and revocations of existing rules, emergency rules, notices of proposed rules and the rulemaking process and executive orders.

The Oklahoma Register, The Oklahoma Administrative Code, and the latest Supplement are available for use by the public at depository libraries throughout the state and at most county clerk's offices, as well as at the OAR, and the Jan Eric Cartwright Memorial Library. The Register, Code and Supplement are also available for purchase. The Office of Administrative Rules' order forms for the Register, Code and Supplement are available on the Oklahoma Secretary of State's Website at

Access to proposed administrative rules is also available on the Oklahoma Public Administrative Rule Search Website. This Website provides users the availability to view all proposed rules submitted through the online portal to the Governor's Office, the House, and Senate. Users can also view actions taken on proposed rules by the State of Oklahoma Governor's Office.

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