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Bid Opportunities

Below is a list of the current solicitation requests available at the Oklahoma State Department of Health. Each solicitation's web page includes the date deadlines to submit questions, the deadline to submit your bid or proposal, and all related documents. If you have any questions or need more information, contact the Buyer listed at the bottom of the solicitation's web page or contact Purchasing at (405) 271-4043.

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Bid Numbers
Amended Closing Date
Description Buyer
RFP 3400001734 No November 30, 2021 Request for Proposal (RFP) COVID-19 Public Health Disparities Grant Donna Dodson
RFQ 3400001729 No October 22, 2021 Request for Quotes (RFQ) Shelves, Labor and Equipment for Offsite Warehouse Richard Diaz
RFQ 3400001731 No October 22, 2021 Request for Quotes (RFQ) for Grason-Stadler Corti DPOAE Screening Unit with Cradle or Equivalent Richard Diaz

Bid Numbers
Amended Closing Date
Description Buyer
RFQ 3400001724
No June 18, 2021
Request for Quotes (RFQ) for Preventive Maintenance of Laboratory Refrigerators, Freezers, Centrifuges and Incubators.
Richard Diaz
ITB 3400001722
Yes May 25, 2021
Invitation to Bid (ITB) for OERSSIRF FY22. Barbara Traylor
RFQ 3400001708
Yes September 10, 2020
The purpose of this agreement is to provide confirmatory testing on newborns identified at risk for severe combined immunodeficiency (SCID) through the Newborn Screening Program.
Richard Diaz, CPO
RFQ 3400001715
Yes November 20, 2020
The purpose of this RFP is to retain the services of qualified organization(s) or individual(s) with the knowledge and capacity to create Oklahoma specific resources to improve the health of individuals and families impacted by Sickle Cell Disease.   Kristi Thompson, CPO
RFQ 3400001713
Yes October 27, 2020
The OSDH is requesting a Request for Proposal for the development of a crisis hotline manual for responding to domestic and sexual violence, stalking and sex trafficking (DVSS).
Brian Davis, CPO
ITB 3400001711
Yes October 27, 2020
The successful bidder will submit a grant proposal on application forms provided by the Department for grants for one or more of the following allowable purposes: funding assessment activities, stabilization and/or reorganization of at-risk emergency medical services, development of regional emergency medical services, training for emergency medical directors, access to training front line emergency medical services personnel, capital and equipment needs. Ruby Sherwan, CPO
ITB 34000021502
No August 28, 2020
To retain the services for professional development and soft skills bundle with course editor for 2501 licenses.
Argelia Morrow (Angie), CPO
ITB 34000021508
No August 14, 2020
To retain the services of a qualified organization with the capacity to provide Implicit Bias, Health Equity, and Birth Equity education. The method of the training will be through the Train the Trainer Model and E-Learning Software Programs.   Argelia Morrow (Angie), CPO
RFP 3400001706
Yes August 24, 2020
The purpose of this contract is to retain the services of a qualified statewide organization with the capacity, training, and experience to serve families who have a member with a special health care need, disability, or mental health issue; to support family participation and input in programmatic and policy development activities for Maternal and Child Health programs; to provide or direct families to leadership development trainings, and to provide valuable insights and information about the needs and circumstances of Oklahoma families. Susan Wiest, CPO
RFQ 34000021395
No July 20, 2020
The Oklahoma State Department of Health, a tax-exempt government entity, is seeking price quotes on the item(s) listed below. Kristi Thompson, CPO
RFQ 34000020874
No June 4, 2020
Located on this page is the Request for Quote (RFQ) for Service/Maintenance Biomedical/Medical Equipment. Justin Neidel, CPO
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