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Procurement Office

The OSDH Procurement Office provides and promotes oversight for the agency's process of obtaining services, supplies, and equipment in conformance with applicable state and federal laws and regulations. 

Below is a list of the current solicitation requests available at the Oklahoma State Department of Health. Each solicitation's web page includes the date deadlines to submit questions, the deadline to submit your bid or proposal, and all related documents. If you have any questions or need more information, contact the Buyer listed at the bottom of the solicitation's web page or contact Procurement at (405) 426-8700.

RFP 3400001734 No November 30, 2021 Request for Proposal (RFP) COVID-19 Public Health Disparities Grant Donna Dodson
RFQ 3400001729 No October 22, 2021 Request for Quotes (RFQ) Shelves, Labor and Equipment for Offsite Warehouse Richard Diaz
RFQ 3400001731 No October 22, 2021 Request for Quotes (RFQ) for Grason-Stadler Corti DPOAE Screening Unit with Cradle or Equivalent Richard Diaz

The deadlines for the bid opportunities listed below have expired and are no longer open for submission. For questions about older archived bids, please contact Procurement at (405) 426-8700.

RFQ 3400001724
No June 18, 2021
Request for Quotes (RFQ) for Preventive Maintenance of Laboratory Refrigerators, Freezers, Centrifuges and Incubators.
Richard Diaz
ITB 3400001722
Yes May 25, 2021
Invitation to Bid (ITB) for OERSSIRF FY22. Barbara Traylor
RFQ 3400001708
  09/10/2020 NBS Testing Richard Diaz

RFP 3400001715

  11/20/2020 Sickle Cell Disease Education/Outreach Kristi Thompson
RFP 3400001713
  10/27/2020 Development of a Crisis Hotline Manual Brian Davis
ITB 3400001711
  10/27/2020 Grant for Funding Regional Healthcare Needs Ruby Sherwan

RFQ 3400001708

  09/10/2020 NBS Testing Richard Diaz

ITB 3400021502

  08/28/2020 Professional Development & Soft Skills Bundle with Course Editor Argelia Morrow
ITB 3400021508
  08/25/2020 MCH Training through Trainer Model & E-Learning Argelia Morrow
RFP 3400001706
  08/24/2020 Maternal & Child Health Family Leadership & Participation Services Susan Wiest
RFQ 3400021395
  07/20/2020 Diagnostic Test Kits Kristi Thompson
RFQ 3400020874   06/04/2020 Service/Maintenance Biomedical/Medical Equipment Justin Niedel

RFQ 3400001694

    Diagnostic Test Kits  

RFQ 3400001695

    Service/Maintenance Biomedical/Medical Equipment  

ITB 3400001697 IUD

    Disposable Insertion/Removal Kits  

ITB 3400001698

    Audiometer, Calibrators and Accessories  

ITB 3400001699

    Neonatal Transferase (GALT) Test Kits  

ITB 3400001689

    Restriping & Painting of OSDH Parking Garage  

RFQ 3400001686


ITB 3400001682

    Newborn Blood Spot Collection Kits  

ITB 3400001677

    Glucose/Hemoglobin Dual Control  

RFP 3400001675

    Pathology and Cytology Laboratory Services  

ITB 3400001674

    Dual-sided ID Card Printers  

ITB 3400001671

    OSDH Biomedical Preventative and Repair Services  

ITB 3400001670

    Portable screening instruments that measure Otoacoustic Emissions (OAE)  

ITB 3400001672

    Glucose/Hemoglobin Dual Control  

ITB 3400001666

    Dual-sided ID Card Printers  
RFQ 3400020578
    Proficiency testing samples utilized by the PHL  
ITB 3400001665
    Restriping & Painting of OSDH Parking Garage  
ITB 3400020481
    Carpet Installation & Removal  
ITB 3400020481
ITB 3400001659
    Maintenance & service for Millipore water purification systems  
ITB 3400001658
    Restriping & Painting of the OSDH Parking Garage  
TB 34000I01651 SSS-
    Printing 9 Brochures  
ITB 3400001653
    Maintenance & Service for OSDH Millipore water purification system  
ITB 3400001649
    Restriping and Painting of the OSDH Parking Garage  
ITB 3400001649 Restriping & Painting of the OSDH Parking Garage
RFP 3400001648
    Genetic Counseling & Sweat Testing on Newborns in Tulsa, OK  
    Printed Clipboards for Injury Prevention Services  
RFP 3400001642 REBID
    Sweat testing on Newborns in Oklahoma City, OK  
RFQ 3400001638
    Promotional Items for "Get the Lead Out" Campaign  
RFQ 3400001645
    Diagnostic Test Kits  
RFQ 3400001646
    Lab Refrigerators  
RFP 3400001642
    Sweat Testing for Newborns in Oklahoma City, OK  
RFP 3400001639
RFP 3400001641
    5-year State Action Plan for Rape & Prevention Education  
RFP 3400001640
    1st Time Perpetration of Sexual Violence Prevention  
RFQ 3400001633
    Laboratory Diagnostic Testing Supplies  
RFQ 3400001632
    Printing 12 WIC Brochures  
ITB 3400001631
    Biomedical Equipment  
ITB 3400001623
    Pallet Wrapping Machine  
ITB 3400001622
    Morgue Trailers-Replace AC Units  
RFQ 3400001630
    Second-Tier NBS Testing  
ITB 3400001621
    Cold Pallet Covers  
ITB 3400001627
    Pharmaceuticals: Contraceptives  
RFQ 3400001620
    Gonhorrhea Testing  
ITB 3400001619
    Filter Paper for Specimen Collection Metabolic Disorder Screening Kits  
ITB 3400001615
    Audiometers and Accessories  
RFQ 3400001613
    Specimen Extraction Reagents  
ITB 3400001612
    Class II, Type A2 Biosafety Cabinets  
RFP 3400001611
    Community Connector Services in Oklahoma County  
ITB 3400001601
    Safe Sleep Kits  
ITB 3400001596
    Rape Prevention Evaluator Services  
RFP 3400001590
ITB 3400001589
    Neonatal Galactose Transferase (GALT) Test Kits  
RFQ 3400001588
    Miscellaneous Diagnostic Testing Supplies  
ITB 3400001581
    Refrigerator, Freezer, Centrifuge & Incubator Maintenance Agreement  
ITB 3400001580
    Neonatal Galactose Transferase (GALT) Test Kits  
ITB 3400001570
    MCH Train the Trainer Trainings  
RFQ A005338
    OKLA Project Launch "I Feel" Exhibit  
ITB 3400001569
    Oklahoma Newborn Metabolic Disorder Screening Kits  
RFP 3400001557
    FQHC Oklahoma Tobacco Helpline  
ITB 3400001565     Audiometers and Accessories  

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