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Frequently Asked Questions

OAS-2745703.jpgWhat is the mission of the Oklahoma State Department of Health
Office of Accountability Systems?
The mission of the Oklahoma State Department of Health (OSDH) Office
of Accountability Systems (OAS) is to promote accountability and integrity
in all OSDH programs by fostering and perpetuating an ethical culture
throughout the Agency.

Where does the Office of Accountability Systems get its authority?
The powers and duties of the OAS are set forth in the Oklahoma state
statutes. They are provided in Section 1-105f of Title 63 of the Oklahoma
State Statutes, codified at 63 O.S.Supp.2007, ß 105f (a.k.a. SB1803).
Senate Bill 1803 is one of the rare examples of a bill of substance that did
not receive a single negative vote throughout the entire legislative process.  OAS statutory powers include, but are not limited to, the authority to: (1) Coordinate audits and investigations in response to complaints submitted, or information provided, by OSDH employees, OSDH service recipients or members of the general public regarding the administration of programs and operations of the Oklahoma State Department of Health; (2) Receive and investigate allegations concerning the possible existence of an activity within the OSDH constituting a violation of law, rules, or regulations, mismanagement, gross waste of funds, abuse of authority, or a specific danger to the public health and safety; (3) Take sworn statements from any current or former OSDH employee; and, (4) Request assistance from other state, federal, and local government agencies.

What are some of the OAS Director (Director)’s statutory duties?
Senate Bill 1803 also sets forth the statutory duties of the Director. The Director’s statutory duties include, but are not limited to: (1) Report to, and be under the direct supervision of, the State Board of Health (BOH), and, unless otherwise instructed by the BOH, the Director is under the general supervision of the Commissioner of Health (Commissioner); (2) Keep the BOH and Commissioner fully informed of matters relating to fraud, abuses, deficiencies and other serious problems of which the Director is aware relating to the administration of programs and operations within the OSDH; (3) Recommend corrective action concerning such matters and report to the BOH and the Commissioner on the progress of the corrective matters; and, (4) Report to the appropriate law enforcement authorities whenever the Director has reasonable grounds to believe that there has been a felonious violation of state of federal criminal law.

Does the Oklahoma State Department of Health have an
administrative policy governing OAS Complaints?

Yes, OSDH Administrative Policy 1-30 (Office of Accountability Systems
Complaints) sets forth the Agency’s procedures regarding OAS
complaints. To view the policy, please click on the “complaints policy” link on our web site.

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