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Oklahoma Volunteer Charitable Healthcare
Provider Program (OVCHPP)

Notice to Volunteer and Charitable Healthcare Providers regarding Telehealth Services

In response to inquiries received in our office, we want to clarify that telehealth services can be covered under your contract with the State of Oklahoma for tort coverage on services provided to indigent patients. Please be advised that coverage applies only to services provided to patients determined to be indigent*. Furthermore, in order for coverage to apply, appropriate documentation including medical records for patients and dates of in-clinic and/or telehealth services must be maintained by the free clinic for whom you are providing services. 

*Medically indigent means a person requiring medically necessary hospital or other health care services for the person or the dependents of the person who has no public or private third-party coverage, and whose personal resources are insufficient to provide for needed health care. [51 O.S.Supp.2007, § 152(8)]


The Oklahoma Volunteer Charitable Healthcare Provider Program (OVCHPP) offers state tort immunity from liability to health care providers who provide care to medically indigent persons at a free clinic, and who are working within the scope of employment of a charitable health care provider. The OVCHPP also offers healthcare providers state tort immunity from liability in instances where a patient is referred from a free clinic to another charitable healthcare provider for medical services.

Click Here to view the OVCHPP Program Rules

Eligible Charitable Providers

A volunteer professional or a referred volunteer professional must be engaged in the active practice of a medical professional or retired from a medically related profession, if still eligible to provide medically related professional services within this state.

How to Apply for an OVCHPP Contract

STEP 1: Complete the OVCHPP Contract Packet

Application Links

2021-2022 Contract Packet

Complete ALL information highlighted in yellow in the OVCHPP Provider Packet.

The packet includes 1) Healthcare Provider Application; 2) Charitable Healthcare Provider Contract. 3) OSDH Certification of Independent Contractor Status and 4) Clinic Acknowledgment to Maintain Patient Records.

STEP 2: Provide Documentation of Active License, Certification, etc.

Obtain/print a copy of valid license from respective board. Evidence of valid license should include a print out from licensure board website with provider's active status (by conducting a licensee search).

STEP 3: Submit All Documentation by E-mail or Fax

OVCHPP Contract Packet
1) Healthcare Provider Application
2) Charitable Healthcare Provider Contract
3) OSDH Certification of Independent Contractor Status
4) Clinic Acknowledgement to Maintain Patient Records

E-Mail All Documentation to:

***Please submit all documentation in ONE PDF (All 10 pages)***
This can be completed by physically filling out documents and using a scanner to save a PDF.
The PDF can then be sent as an attachment in an email with the subject line: 2021-2022 OVCHPP Application Packet.

Special Announcements
Free clinics are also eligible for malpractice coverage through the Federal Tort Claims Act. Note that requirements under the law are separate from those in the OVCHPP, and providers may apply through a different process. For more program resources and eligibility info, please visit the federal Health Resources and Services Administration's FTCA page.

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