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OSDH comments on increase in COVID-19 infection and death rates following holiday

Wednesday, December 02, 2020

54 deaths and 2,859 new cases reported today

OKLAHOMA CITY — State Commissioner of Health Dr. Lance Frye issued the following statement regarding today’s COVID-19 case numbers:

“Today’s COVID-19 update is one that I hoped to not have to report.

Today we reported more than 50 Oklahomans have lost their lives because of this virus. These deaths occurred between Oct. 24 and Nov. 30. Every one of these lives is important and valued. Also, nearly 3,000 Oklahomans were infected and are now fighting their own battles with COVID-19. While these numbers never represent a pure one-day increase - as reports of deaths and cases are staggered over multiple days - the case and death growth is still concerning.

Like many states across the country, we anticipated a rise in cases because of Thanksgiving, both because of family gatherings and facility reporting delays. However, this increase in our infection rate is alarming and should serve as a continued reminder that we must stay vigilant as we head into another holiday season.

We must remember that each count, each case and each infection is a life. These Oklahomans, and the others who passed before them, were our neighbors and loved ones.

Following the 3 W’s — wearing a mask, washing your hands and watching your distance — is a choice. However today, more than ever before, I ask you to consider these guidelines as your responsibility. I ask you to act to protect your family and loved ones.

When you choose to keep yourself and your loved ones safe, you help slow the spread and limit the strain on our healthcare system. You can save lives.

We encourage Oklahomans who think they may have been exposed to get tested for free at one of the more than 150 statewide testing sites and to quarantine while waiting for their test results. We will continue to monitor hospital capacity, working with hospitals across the state to ensure they have the resources needed to give quality care to all Oklahomans.

I ask that all Oklahomans continue to protect themselves and their loved ones from this highly contagious virus.”

Of the 54 deaths reported today:

  • The deaths occurred between Oct. 24 and Nov. 30, 2020
  • 37 occurred since Nov. 26
  • 47 decedents were aged 65+
  • 6 decedents were 50-64 years of age
  • 1 decedent was 18-35 years of age


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