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OSDH comments on DoD increase in COVID-19 cases

Friday, December 04, 2020

Sharp increase largely due to reporting system issue; health officials urge continued vigilance to slow the spread of COVID-19

OKLAHOMA CITY — State Commissioner of Health Dr. Lance Frye issued the following statement regarding today’s COVID-19 case numbers:

“Today’s reported new COVID-19 case number is 4,827. This increase is largely attributable to an issue with the PHIDDO reporting system, which resulted in a number of cases being backlogged until today. After further review, it looks like the case level should have been reported as roughly 3,000 cases per day on 12/2, 12/3 and 12/4.

Of the 4,827 cases reported today:

  • 98% had a specimen collection date of 11/19 or more recent
  • 86% were collected this week
  • 11% were collected last week
  • 2.6% were collected prior to 11/22

As a reminder, the daily case number never represents a pure one-day increase, as reports of new cases come in from all over the state and therefore are staggered over multiple days. The 7-day rolling average provides a more representative trendline for COVID-19 cases in the state. Today's 7-day average is 2,551 cases.

That said, I want to be clear about the urgency of the situation. These totals are far too high. This is a pandemic and we must not grow weary of protecting ourselves, our family and our communities.

While we anticipated a rise in cases due to the Thanksgiving holiday, this is of no comfort to the families that are impacted by this highly contagious virus. My heart goes out to the growing number of Oklahomans impacted by COVID-19, as well as to our healthcare professionals who are putting themselves at risk and working around the clock.

As we approach the rest of the holiday season, I urge you to think of your families and your neighbors. Please follow the three W’s: wear a mask, wash your hands and watch your distance by staying six feet apart from others.

And while it’s natural to want to gather with loved ones during the holidays, I ask that you consider alternate options this year for the safety of your families and communities. Consider reducing the size of your gatherings, asking guests to follow the three W’s, or having a virtual gathering this year with loved ones who live out of town or in separate households.”