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State Board of Health to Hold Special Meeting on Wednesday

Tuesday, July 31, 2018
For Release – July 30, 2018 – Tony Sellars, Office of Communications – (405) 271-5601
The Oklahoma State Board of Health will hold a special meeting on Wednesday, August 1, at 3 p.m. Due to limited space available in the meeting room, overflow viewing areas will be provided.
Special Meeting of the Oklahoma State Board of Health
August 1, 2018, 3 PM
Oklahoma State Department of Health
1000 NE 10
th Street, 11th Floor, Room 1102
City, Oklahoma
I. Call to Order, Roll Call, and confirmation of a Quorum
II. The drafted minutes for the following meetings will be reviewed, discussed, and considered for approval:
a)      May 8, 2018 and July 10, 2018 Regular Meetings
III. Consideration, possible action, and vote on changes to the 2018 Board of Health meeting dates, locations, and times. Proposed changes for consideration:
a)      Change August 10, 2018 date to September 14, 2018 -Moore Norman Technology Center (Oklahoma City) - 8:30am
 IV. Pursuant to 25 O.S. § 307(B)(4), an Executive Session is proposed for the purpose of conducting confidential communications between the Board of Health and its attorneys concerning pending lawsuits and claims in the following: Kenneth Wogoman, et al. vs. State of Oklahoma ex rel., The Oklahoma Department of Health, et al, No : CV-2018-1413 (Oklahoma County) and Dahn Gregg, et al. vs. State of Oklahoma ex rel., The Oklahoma Department of Health, No: CV-2018-1416 (Cleveland County).
a)      Motion and vote to (A) determine that disclosure will seriously impair the ability of the Board of Health to respond to the claims and lawsuits, and (B) to go into executive session.
b)      Vote to reconvene in open session and possible action based on discussions in executive session.
 V. Consideration, possible action, and vote to open the emergency rulemaking record for amendments to the current emergency rules contained in 310:681, which regulate the use of medical marijuana and were adopted by the Board of Health on July 10, 2018. **
VI. Consideration, possible action, and vote to amend sections of the emergency rules contained in 310:681 consistent with "Version 7-31-18" received by the Board of Health and posted on the website on 7/31/18. If adopted by the Board of Health and approved by the Governor, the following sections, considered for amendments or revocation, will replace the rules signed by the Governor on July 1, 2018:**
•     310:681-1-4 through 310:681-1-9.l (Amended)
•     310:681-2-1 through 310:681-2-3 (Amended)
•     310:681-2-4 through 310:681-2-7 (Amended)
•     310:681-2-9 through 310:681-2-10 (Revoked)
•     310:681-2-11 (Amended)
•     310:681-2-12 through 310:681-2-13 (Revoked)
•     310:681-Subchapter 3 (Amended)
•     Subchapter 4 (Revoked -Research License incorporated in Subchapter 5)
•     310:681-5-1 through 310:681-5-4 (Amended)
•     310:681-5-5 (Revoked)
•     310:681-5-6 through 310:681-5-10 (Amended)
•     310:681-5-11 (Revoked)
•     310:681-5-12 through 310:681-5-13 (Amended)
•     310:681-5-14 through 310:681-5-16 (Revoked)
•     310:681-5-17 through 310:681-5-18 (Amended)
•     310:681-5-19 (Revoked)
•     310:681-6-1 through 310:681-6-2 (Amended)
•     310:681-6-3 through 310:681-6-11 (Revoked)
•     Subchapter 7 (Amended)
•     Subchapter 8 (Revoked) Possible Action:
Possible action may include, but is not limited to: taking no action; continuing the matter; adopting the proposed rule changes in whole or in part; deciding not to adopt the rule changes; or adopting a modified version of the rule changes.
VII. Adjournment
**Due to the previous online public comment period, there will not be an opportunity for public comment on the proposed amendments to the emergency rules during the board meeting.
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