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Children First, OK Nurse Family Partnership

Children First is a no cost voluntary family support and home visitation program for 1st time mom’s who are expecting their first child (prior to 29 weeks to age 2) based on eligibility.

Public health nurses work with you and your family to help you have a healthy pregnancy and understand the changes taking place in your body. 

Why Should You Enroll?
Children First wants every first-time mother-to-be to receive early, ongoing prenatal care. Nurses work hard to involve fathers, grandparents, friends and others in the parenting process. By working together, we can improve the quality of life for you and your baby.

Who Can Enroll?
Women less than 29 weeks pregnant
Families expecting their first child
Families who meet income eligibility criteria

Prenatal assessments
Child safety and development

Child growth and development evaluations
Nutrition Education
Parent/Child relationship information
Links to other services such as child care, education, and job training  

Life/goal setting

Home Visits
For your convenience, visits take place in your home. Nurses are prepared to answer questions and provide activities that promote health and safety. Educational materials are provided to cover topics on personal health, environmental health, adult living skills and parenting skills.

Home Visit Schedule
Visits begin while you are pregnant and continue until your child’s second birthday. The visit schedule can be tailored to meet your needs. You and your nurse will agree on the day and time of each visit.

* Services are not intended to replace your health care provider or family doctor*

For More Information Contact:    
Stephens County Health Department
Vicki Long, RN
(580) 252-0270

Visit Parent Pro for more information. 

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