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Child Guidance

Services are provided primarily
to children 12 and under and their families.

(Fees are based on a sliding scale based on family size and income. Sooner Care and some private insurances are accepted.) No refusal of services if inability to pay.

Behavioral Health Services - Counseling for families with young children

  • Adjusting to divorce
  • Separation issues
  • Aggressive behaviors
  • Struggles in parent/child relationship
  • Neglect and abuse
  • Struggles in childcare or elementary school

Speech & Language Services

  • Screenings - recommended if: hard time understanding what child is saying, fewer words than children the same age, difficulty following directions
  • Evaluations
  • Articulation assessments
  • Therapy
  • Hearing screenings including newborn
  • Autism screenings

Parenting Services

  • Sleep issues
  • Picky eating
  • Toilet learning
  • Behavior
  • Discipline
  • Growth & development
  • Challenges
  • Developmental screenings and assessments - identify if a child is on track with development, handouts provided
  • Additional Services:
    • Infant Massage - a way to experience the way your baby communicates. A certified instructor will guide and teach how to massage your baby. Research shows babies who are massaged, 1) may sleep deeper and longer, 2) spend more time active and alert for learning, 3) increase bonding and attachments to their parents, and 4) improves elimination.
    • WIC PLUS+ - a child development specialist meets with you to promote healthy physical, cognitive, and social-emotional growth of young children by providing information and guidance on topics of interest to parents. Developmental screenings are utilized to determine a baby/young child's strengths and weaknesses in order to provide parents with age appropriate developmental activities to work on at home. Written materials are provided on topics such as toilet training and sleep issues. Each child is given a developmentally appropriate book through our Reach Out and Read program.
    •  Parenting information/classes/groups 

Childcare Consultations - free consultations to childcare centers, interventions for challenging behaviors, observation, follow-up, referrals, and parent meetings if needed. Also, provide in-service training.

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