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Children First

What is the Children First Program?

The Children First program is a voluntary program for first-time moms. A caring specially trained registered public health nurse will visit you in your home throughout your pregnancy and up until your baby is 2 years old- at no charge to you. At the home visit the registered nurse will provide education on pregnancy, labor and delivery, and parenting skills such as feeding, bathing, and toilet training.

The Children First program does not take the place of prenatal care by a physician, but enhances that care. Raising a child can be a challenging task for many residents. How often should I feed my baby, how much should my baby weigh, how can I be a better caregiver. These are some of the issues first time mothers and/or parents might be concerned about.

The Children First program encourages early and continuous prenatal care, personal development, and the involvement of fathers, grandparents and other supporting persons in parenting.

Your nurse will help you:

  • Have a healthy pregnancy and healthy baby.
  • Be the best parent you can be.
  • Get referrals for support services available in your community.

Who Can Receive Services?

Any woman who is pregnant with her first child, meets income requirements and lives within Pottawatomie County. You can enroll as early in your pregnancy as you wish, but not later than you 28th week.

Who do I contact?

For more information please contact the Pottawatomie County Health Department's Children First program at (405) 273-2157.

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