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Lead Poisoning Prevention Program

Lead poisoning is a dangerous condition caused by swallowing or inhaling lead. Young children are at the greatest risk, because their bodies absorb lead easily and they put many things in their mouth, some of which may contain lead.  Adults, and even unborn babies can also be affected by lead. Lead can be found in lead-based paint, soil, water, food and dust. Other sources of lead may include some vinyl mini blinds, certain cosmetics, older toys and furniture.

Why is Lead Poisoning Prevention Important? 

  • Effects of lead are not often obvious
  • Many children show no symptoms
  • May harm the nervous system
  • Can interfere with growth
  • May cause learning difficulties

The Ottawa County Health Department's Lead Poisoning Prevention Program provides free lead testing for children six months through six years of age.  Off-site testing is also available.  Educational programs regarding lead poisoning prevention and hand washing are available for head start programs, daycare programs and other community groups.  Please contact the Lead Program Coordinator for more information at (918) 540-2481. 

To schedule an appointment please call (918) 540-2481. 

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