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Food and Drink Establishmentswoman food handler

A food service establishment is any operation that stores, prepares, packages, serves, vends food or drink directly to the consumer.

Food service establishment does not include free standing food processing plants and those food processors that are located on the premises of a food establishment.  For more information about food processing plant or establishments click here. 

Frequently Asked Questions: 

For additional information, please call: (580) 336-2257


How do I start a retail food/bar establishment in Payne or Noble County?

  1. Contact county sanitarian at 405-372-8200.
  2. If the location or mobile unit was a licensed facility before no plans will be required unless major renovations, such as moving walls, removing sinks, etc., are being done to the establishment.  License fee is $425.00.
  3. If the establishment location or mobile unit was not licensed as a food establishment in Oklahoma, a plan review will be required.  For more information about restaurant construction click here.  For mobile unit construction click here.
  4. You will submit plans to the county sanitarian for their review and approval.  The fee for this is $425.00.  Plan review fees are submitted by check or money order to the County Health Department of the County the facility or mobile unit is licensed within.  Click here for the Plan Review Application. 

When do I have to renew my food establishment license? 

Annually during the anniversary month of obtaining your establishment license.  Normally you will receive a renewal notice from the State Department of Health about 30 days prior to renewal.  However, it is your responsibility to ensure renewal is accomplished.  The renewal fee is $335.00.

Are there any construction requirements for a retail food/bar, mobile units and pushcarts in Payne County?

  1. Construction guide for Brick and Mortar restaurant or bar
  2. Construction guide for Mobile unit
  3. Guidelines for Pushcarts
  4. Plan Review Application by county

Do I have to have a license to sell at a Farmer’s Market?  

In some cases, yes. Click here to learn more

Are there any requirements to have a temporary food/beer booth at a special event or festival?  

Yes. Click here to learn more.

Are there any licensing requirements for Snow Cone stands?

Yes. Click here to learn more.

Where can I get my food service manager’s certification training? 

  1. With the exception of Stillwater, most municipalities in Payne and Noble Counties do not require formal manager’s certifications.  We do encourage all food service operators to obtain this certification if possible.  You can get Food Service Manager’s Certifications by attending an ANSI approved class.  Click here to see a list of local classes you can attend.
  2. You can also obtain a manager’s certification by taking a class on line.   ServSafe,,Learn2Serve, and are popular choices.
  3. We offer free food handler training routinely at the Kay and Payne County Health Departments. Please contact us for the most current schedule.  Additionally we will, if requested, present training at your facility and tailor the training to your needs.
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