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Consumer Protection Division

What is consumer Health?

Consumer Protection is a branch of the health department that is focused on protecting the public from such things as food borne illness and the transmission of various diseases (Hepatitis A. Staphylococcus aureus, Salmonella and E. Coli O157:H7) that are directly related to personal hygiene and other non-sanitary conditions.� We organize, coordinate and assist in many different programs that in some way will relate to every individual throughout his or her life. Some of the programs are listed below:

  • Food
  • Rabies
  • Public Bathing Places
  • Hotels/Motels
  • Inns/Cabins

Licensing and routine inspections of all food establishments. We also license temporary food establishments such as the food vendors at our local fairs, arts & craft shows and other seasonal events scheduled around the county.

We work closely with the local police, animal control and the county sheriff's department on cases dealing with animals that have been exposed to possible rabies. The rabies virus can infect a host of animals including skunks, bats, dogs, cats and ferrets. Skunks seem to be the main carrier of rabies in our area. Rabies can only be transmitted to humans through an open wound such as a bite, cut or puncture associated with an animal that has been exposed to rabies.

Public Bathing Places
We also conduct routine inspections on the swimming pools and spas throughout the county. We test the water for proper balance, including pH, chlorine, and turbidity. We look at the filtering system and check for the necessary safety equipment that must be present at each pools location.

This program serves to monitor the sanitary conditions existing in hotels/motels for compliance with regulatory standards established by the Department.
Reasonable standards, rules and regulations for hotels-motels, etc. are as follows: buildings and appurtenances thereto, including plumbing, ventilation and lighting; construction, cleanliness and bactericidal treatment of equipment and utensils; cleanliness and hygiene of personnel; toilet facilities; disposal of wastes; water supply; and any other items deemed necessary to safeguard the health, comfort and safety of guests accommodated therein.



Affidavit of Lawful Presence (must be submitted with each individual application)

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