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Child Health

In addition to providing children with immunizations, WIC, Children First, Sooner Start, and head lice checks, we also provide a number of child health services. 

Repeat Newborn Metabolic Screenings

If the initial metabolic screening is unsatisfactory a parent may bring their infant to the health department for a secondary screening.  

Hearing Screenings 

When an infant does not pass hearing screening, more testing needs to be done. Families may be sent to their local county health department. Testing may be completed at the Carter County Health Department.  If a baby has a hearing problem, help is available to the family through the Sooner Start early intervention program or other special programs for infants and toddlers with hearing loss.

If you have questions about hearing, hearing screening, hearing testing, or about services for infants and children with hearing loss, call the newborn hearing screening program. The toll-free number is 800-766-2223.

If you would like to schedule an appointment to have your infant or child's (under 3) hearing screened, please call 580-223-9705. 

Car Seats

Car seats are offered once again at the Carter County Health Department.  To receive a car seat participants must provide proof they are on government assistance and must bring the child with them or be within 8 weeks of due date if pregnant.  Please call 580-223-9705 to set up an appointment to get a car seat.  

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