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Child Guidance Program

Helping Families Meet the Challenges of Modern Parenting

Child Guidance is a public health program operating through county health departments. It's purpose is to promote optimal development, healthy behavior, and effective interaction for families with children.

Behavioral Health
Psychological Clinicians are professionals trained to deal with a variety of mental health related issues for children up to age 13.

What the Behavioral Health staff does:
• Identify or facilitate the early identification of children with psychological, social, emotional or behavioral issues
• Provide psychoeducational and prevention services to children
• Train, educate and consult with parents and professionals on techniques to promote optimal psychosocial development
• Administer psychosocial screenings and evaluations of children
• Provide counseling services and refer families who are in need of long-term treatment services to the appropriate resource
• Collaborate with community organizations to ensure systems are in place to meet families’ parenting needs

Child Development Services
Developmental screenings are offered for newborns up to 8 year old children.  During a developmental screening, a child’s gross and fine motor skills, language skills, cognitive skills, and personal-social skills are assessed.  Parent education services are also offered.  Parents are encouraged to consult the Child Development Specialist if they have concerns regarding their children. Typical areas covered are discipline, sleep issues, toilet training concerns, sibling rivalry, etc...Classes and workshops are also available to groups and businesses covering parenting topics.
Child Development Services Provided By:

Shari Freeland, M.S., CCPS
Child Development Specialist

Speech-Language Pathology Service
Speech-Language Pathology services are provided by a licensed and certified Speech-Language Pathologist to families with children from birth up to age 13.

What the Speech-Language Pathology staff does:
• Facilitates the early identification of children with a communication delay through speech-language screenings, observation, hearing screenings and assessment.
• Trains, educates and consults with parents, professionals & caregivers on techniques to promote optimal communication development through consultations, workshops, classes and teacher trainings.
• Promotes health habits, which decrease the likelihood that children will be born with or will acquire a communication disorder.
• Provides short term intervention for children who may not be eligible for public school services or Sooner Start Intervention program.
• Provides Hanen Language Learning Programs such as It Takes Two to Talk, Learning Language and Loving It, and Target Word. Hanen Programs are facilitated by Hanen certified Speech-Language Pathologists.
Speech Pathology Services Provided by:
Robin Cooper, M.Ed. CCC-SLP
Speech-Language Pathologist

Child Care Warm Line
Child Care Centers and Family Child Care Homes that have an OKDHS subsidy contract may receive on-site professional consultation on a regular basis upon request through the Child Care Warmline 1-888-574-5437.

Child Care consultation seeks to accomplish one or more of the following:
• Maintain children in childcare who are in danger of being expelled
• Support childcare staff that care for children by expanding their competencies in understanding challenging behavior
• Be available to caregivers and families in times of stress or crisis
• Model positive behavior and guidance techniques to encourage positive social and emotional development
• Connect staff and families to resources
• Offer observation and referral when necessary
• Be available to families of children in child care through consultation and parent meetings

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