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Consumer Health

One of the Adair County Health Department roles is to carry out a countywide program for food and pool safety to promote health and prevent disease through education, training and regulation. This system is designed to work in partnership with the people who make the day-to-day decisions that actually determine public health and consumer safety – the operators and employees of the food service, pool or hotel establishments.

Local health inspectors issue permits to operate these facilities once they meet all the requirements of the OSDH rules and regulations, and then educates the managers and workers to help them operate safely. Continuing education on consumer health and safety links below:

  1. Register; **Select the Cleveland County option unless you work in the Tulsa area
  2. Complete Training
  3. Instantly Print Certificate

About the Online Food Handler Training

  • Course Duration: 90 minutes
  • Number of exam attempts: Unlimited
  • Languages: English, Spanish, Chinese, and Korean
  • Minimum passing score: 70%
  • 100% online and mobile friendly
  • A Food Handler Permit could be required per local city ordinances. Call your local city municipality for details.
  • The card must be obtained by completing an ANSI-approved training program.
  • No visit to the Muskogee County Health Department or additional fee is required. Print your card immediately upon completion of training.
  • Cards are valid for 3 years

Pool Operator Classes

If you need to take a Pool School Class to receive your CPO certificate, you can find more information and schedules on the Oklahoma State Consumer Protection Website. If you need the class for Oklahoma City or Tulsa, you are required to take the class at those health departments.

Online Pool Operator Classes Option Available

** 8/3/2020: A recorded pool school can be viewed online. With the completion of the training the Certified Pool Operator exam can be taken online. If an operator takes the online exam, please print their results and have them available at an inspector's request. A score of 20 or above is considered passing. The Pool Operator Training Manual is available and may be used in preparing for the exam.  

Applying for a New License

Prior to initial licensure, plans and specifications must be submitted to the health department for review. Please allow up to two (2) weeks after the completed application for review and approval. Learn more about how to open a business with food.

In some instances of ownership change, where no remodel or changes in the establishment or operation are made, a plan review may not be necessary. Please contact the local inspector in the county were the physical location of the establishment exists. Or an email may be sent to

Other helpful links

Do you need to file a complaint or do want more information on daycare requirements, inspections, or licensures? The Department of Human Services handles these subjects.

Do you have a concern or complaint or do you need information on nursing home requirements, inspections, or licensures? Oklahoma Long Term Care Service handles these subjects.

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