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Disease Prevention

Communicable or infectious diseases are infections transmitted from an infected person, animal or reservoir to another person. These infections can be spread from direct or indirect contact. Knowing how infectious diseases are spread can help minimize the risk of infection. Adopting healthy behaviors can reduce illness. There are simple things you can do to prevent illness.

  • Keep Immunizations up to date
  • Wash your hands often
  • Be aware of what you eat, and be careful how you prepare it
  • Use antibiotics exactly as prescribed
  • Report to your doctor any worsening infection that does not get better after you take a prescribed antibiotic
  • Be cautious around wild and domestic animals that are not familiar to you
  • Avoid areas of insect infestation
  • Avoid unsafe unprotected sex and injection drug use
  • Stay alert to disease threats when you travel
  • When sick, allow yourself time to heal and recover.
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