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Newborn Hearing Screening Program

fh_nbh_pic.jpgBy state law (63-1-543), all newborns have hearing checked before they leave the hospital. Equipment at the hospital tests to see if an infant's hearing is okay. The program also provides information for infants who pass the newborn hearing screen but have a risk factor for possible late onset hearing loss.

Good hearing is important for speech and language development. Hearing problems need to be identified as early as possible. If an infant has a hearing loss, steps can be taken to help the infant learn communication. 


  • If a baby does not pass hearing screening at birth, the Newborn Hearing Program sends the results and follow-up recommendations to the infant’s doctor and parents.
  • Information about where hearing can be checked is provided to the family.
  • The program also provides recommendations for infants who pass the newborn hearing screen but have a risk factor to develop late onset hearing loss.
  • The program provides hearing equipment and oversight for many health departments to screen for the hearing of infants and toddlers.
  • Program staff assists with ensuring that infants with hearing loss receive early intervention services in a timely manner.

Eligibility Guidelines:

  • Every baby born in Oklahoma receives a newborn hearing screen. The birthing hospital or midwife performs the point of care screen and submits the result to the Oklahoma State Department of Health.
  • Infants eligible for follow-up services include any infant who is not screened, does not pass the hearing screening, or passes the hearing screening but has risk factors for late onset hearing loss. Parents with concerns for hearing between birth and three years of life may obtain additional screening as well.

Contact Information:

Newborn Hearing Screening Program
Oklahoma State Department of Health
123 Robert S. Kerr Ave., Ste. 1702

Oklahoma City, OK 73102-6406

Phone: (405) 426-8220  (Option 1 for Hearing)
Fax: (405) 900-7554

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