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The Oklahoma Toddler Survey (TOTS)

SiblingsThe Oklahoma Toddler Survey (TOTS) is a two-year follow-back survey to the Oklahoma Pregnancy Risk Assessment Monitoring System (PRAMS), and was created by Oklahoma in 1994.  TOTS re-surveys PRAMS respondents the month the child turns two years old.  TOTS is funded by the Title V Maternal and Child Health Block Grant and the Oklahoma State Department of Health.  Oklahoma was the first state to begin a follow-back survey to PRAMS; currently three other states have something similar. 

The purpose of TOTS is to learn about the health and well being of Oklahoma’s toddler population and their health experiences from birth to age two. The information is used to help guide programs and health policy in Oklahoma, and to help make better use of limited resources.

Similar to PRAMS, TOTS sends as many as two mail questionnaires to between 150 to 175 women each month followed by phone contact for those mothers have not responded by mail.  All information is kept confidential.

Currently, TOTS includes questions about health care and insurance, illness and injury, childcare, safety, breastfeeding, secondhand smoke exposure, and family structure. 

Preparing for a Lifetime, It's Everyone's Responsibility Learn what you can do to help ensure the health and safety of Oklahoma's babies.

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Ayesha Lampkins, MPH                                       Binitha Kunnel, MS
PRAMS/TOTS Project Manager                              Senior Biostatistician

MCH Assessment                                                    MCH Assessment
Phone:  (405) 271-6761 or 1-800-766-2223   Phone:  (405) 271-6761 or 1-800-766-2223

email: Ayesha Lampkins                                          email: Binitha Kunnel

For custom reports or analysis, contact Binitha Kunnel

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