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PRAMS Data Listed by Topics

PRAMSgrams have been converted to .PDF files and may be downloaded from the archive below. The .PDF file format is only viewable with the Adobe(TM) Acrobat(TM) Reader. If you do not already have the Acrobat(TM) reader, you may get it FREE from Adobe(TM)

For more recent data on any topic go to CPONDER or contact Paul Patrick

Birth Defects
Birth Defects in Oklahoma (940.8k .pdf) - Summer 2012

Prenatal Weight Gain And Birth Weight Among Oklahoma Mothers (139k .pdf) - Spring 1996

Pre-Pregnancy Binge Drinking and Postpartum Depression (473k pdf) - Summer 2013
Maternal Depression (229.4k pdf) - Spring 2008
Depression After Delivery Among Oklahoma Mothers (135k .pdf) - Fall 1995

Maternal Obesity
Maternal Overweight and Obesity (1.8m.pdf) - Fall 2006
Pre-pregnancy Maternal Overweight as a Risk Factor for Child Overweight (246.5k pdf) - Spring 2014

Pregnancy Intention
Unintended Pregnancy (1.8m.pdf) - Spring 2006
Unwanted Pregnancy In Oklahoma (51k .pdf) - Winter 1996
Father's Intention of Pregnancy (653k.pdf) - Winter 2007

Maternal Race

Pre and Postnatal Stressors (195k pdf) - Spring 2016

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