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Good Health Handbook

On behalf of the Oklahoma State Department of Health, the Child and Adolescent Health Division, Maternal and Child Health Service is pleased to provide you with the most recent version (2015) of the Good Health Handbook (GHHB). This handbook will support parents and other caregivers in understanding, practicing, and teaching children the value of positive health behaviors.

The handbook will be a valuable tool in the effort of improved health in child care programs; including reduction in the spread of disease, improved nutrition and physical fitness, and increased awareness of health and safety issues among child care providers and parents.

The GHHB is presented below in parts for ease in downloading and/or printing. Missing page numbers are blank pages in the printed handbook. If you would like to view the entire handbook at once, click HERE.  Please note this is a large file (12.8MB) with over 500 pages and it may take some time to open depending on your connection speed and type.    

We appreciate your input on the revised GHHB and hope that you will take the time to fill out the survey located at the end of the handbook. 

If you have any questions regarding the Good Health Handbook, please contact the Early Childhood Coordinator.

Contact Information:
Early Childhood Comprehensive Systems
Child and Adolescent Health Division
1000 Northeast Tenth Street, Rm. 903
Oklahoma City, OK 73117-1299
Phone: (405) 271-4471
e-mail: Peggy C. Byerly, M.S.

The Oklahoma State Department of Health (OSDH) is an equal opportunity employer, and provider. This publication was authorized by Terry L. Cline, PhD, Commissioner of Health, Secretary of Health and Human Services and the Oklahoma Department of Human Services Director Ed Lake in accordance with state and federal regulations.  Copies have not been printed but are available for download at or An electronic copy has been deposited with the Publications Clearinghouse of the Oklahoma Department of Libraries. July 2016

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