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Adolescent Health Summit 2021

The purpose of the summit is to provide youth-serving professionals with interdisciplinary training and tools to improve the health of adolescents in their communities. At the end of the summit, professionals will influence positive adolescent health outcomes by strengthening connections and increasing youth resilience.

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Day 1 - Wednesday, june 23, 2021
Day 2 - Thursday, june 24, 2021
Keynote Speaker Youth Panel
Breakout Session #1 Keynote Speaker
Breakout Session #2 Breakout Session #3
  Call to Action

Presenters & Keynote Speakers

Dr. Miguel Vazquez-Rivera, PsyD, MS (Psicoalternativas)

Effective Strategies for LGBT+ Youth in School Settings  

Alton Carter

Gabe Yandell, MS, LMFT

Cultivating Safety in Developing Sexual Relationships  

Kris Williams (Cedar Ridge Behavioral Hospital, The NEST Program)

Birds of a Feather

Tosin Akande, MPH, CHES® (Oklahoma State Department of Education)

Feeling Safe in School

Casper Colbert-Martin (Operation Aware of Oklahoma)

Beyond the physical relationship: What teens are asking

Bliss Brown (University of Oklahoma, Gender + Equality Center)

Rachele Eskridge, AAS, CDSVRP (YWCA)

Porn Literacy: Complex Conversations for Difficult Discussions

Dr. Niobe Way, PhD, Ed.D, BA

The Crisis of Connection: Roots, Consequences, and Solutions

Carlie Stout Deatherage, MPH, CHES (University of Central Oklahoma)

Honoring Ourselves Through Challenging Times

Tammie Burlison, NFPA CPT, CFI (Oklahoma Family Network)

Tammie will be guiding you through gentle stretches and deep breathing techniques, both seated and standing, to help release stress and tension throughout your body.

Youth Panel

  • Abby Tow (she/her/hers) – YAS - Youth Panel Co-Facilitator and Panelist
  • Dulce Gallardo-Owens (she/they) – Teen Empower - Panelist
  • Hope Robirts (she/her/hers) – Empowered Voices - Panelist
  • Linus Culp (he/him/his) – former UCO Peer Health Leader - Panelist
  • Maddie Keel (she/her/hers) – YAS – Panel Moderator and Call to Action Video Producer
  • Ricardo Chavez (he/him/his) – Youth Advising Youth (YAY) - Panelist
  • Sara Raines (she/her/hers) – YAS - Panelist
  • Michelle Stansel, M. Ed. (she/her/hers), OSDH - Co Moderator

We’re Ready to Talk: Cultivating Spaces that Center & Amplify Youth Voice

Youth being engaged and becoming stakeholders in their own health and wellness requires an emphasis on adult allies cultivating spaces for youth to be affirmed. In order to do this, adult allies must focus on centering youth voices by seeing them for their lived experiences, hearing what they need, and valuing their involvement in all facets of making change on both personal and systemic levels. In this keynote session, you will hear from a diverse panel of youth leaders from around Oklahoma who will speak on what it means to have real autonomy, authentic partnerships with adult allies, and empowerment on their terms. Historically, Oklahoma has not been actively willing to have intentional conversations around mental health & wellness, sexual health promotion, and gender based violence prevention. Oklahoma's youth, however, are not only ready to have these conversations, but they want and deserve to have them in order to move forward in creating the changes that they want to see for our state. In this session, panelists will:


  • Discuss how they assessed the needs of their fellow peers and adult professionals
  • Describe takeaways and themes identified that need to be explored
  • Demonstrate examples of how to cultivate affirming and supportive spaces to center youth voices
  • Examine how youth serving professionals can integrate what they learn to allow youth to feel empowered


Contact Information

For more information or registration questions, please contact:

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