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Are You at Risk

Blue EyesPreterm labor and delivery can happen to any pregnant woman. But some women are more likely than others to have preterm labor and delivery. Three groups of women are at greatest risk of preterm labor and delivery:

- Women to have had a previous preterm birth
- Women who are pregnant with twins, triplets or more
- Women with a uterus and/or cervix that may not be normal

Other factors may put a pregnant woman at risk for preterm labor:

- Late or no prenatal care
- Smoking
- Drinking alcohol
- Using illegal drugs
- Domestic violence
- Lack of social support
- Stress
- Long working hours with long periods of standing
- Being exposed to some medications

Some medical risks may also increase a woman’s chances of having preterm labor:

- Some infections, including sexually transmitted diseases
- Diabetes
- Obesity
- High blood pressure
- Short time period between pregnancies (less than 6-9 months between birth and the next pregnancy)

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