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2019 CAP Prevention Campaign

2019 Events and Activities

2019 Outstanding Child Abuse Prevention Awards

2019 Blue Ribbon Tree Registration

2019 Blue Ribbon Tree Video

2019  Coloring Challenge 

Child Abuse Prevention Month Posters

2018 CAP Prevention Campaign

2018 Outstanding Child Abuse Prevention Awards

2018 Blue Ribbon Tree Registration

2018 Coloring Challenge

2018 Events and Activities

2017 Outstanding CAP Awards

2017 Coloring Challenge

2017 Miscellaneous Resources

2017 Events and Activities

The 24th Oklahoma Child Abuse and Neglect Conference

2017 Blue Ribbon Tree Registration


2016 Outstanding CAP Awards (Ceremony at the Capitol)

An Afternoon with Dr. Harvey Karp

2016 Prevention Activities

2016 Coloring Challenge

2016 Build a Blue Ribbon Tree for Kids Campaign


2015 National Family Week

2015 CAP Action

2015 Community Activities

Picture a Brighter Future for Kids  (#PictureaBrighterFuture)

2015 Coloring Challenge

2015 Outstanding CAP Awards (Ceremony At The Capitol Building)

2015 Mini Conference Information

2014 CAP Action

2013 CAP Action 

2012 CAP Action

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