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Breastfeeding Laws

(2004) Oklahoma mothers have the right to breastfeed anywhere they have a right to be, and shall be excused from jury duty upon request.
HB 2102

(2006) Oklahoma breastfeeding mothers may use unpaid break and meal times to breastfeed or express breast milk at work. Employers are urged to provide a private area (other than a toilet stall) for this purpose.
HB 2358

(2010) Employers shall provide reasonable break time and a private place for an employee to express breast milk for her nursing child for one year.
National Breastfeeding Law - Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act

2013 Printable Legislation Cards available in English and in Spanish

Have you visited a business that was breastfeeding friendly?
Let us know and they will receive a thank you letter.

Have you been asked to leave a public place because you were breastfeeding?
Tell us and we will send a letter with information about Oklahoma’s laws.
What to do if harassed while nursing in public

Does your employer support breastfeeding?
Encourage your employer to apply for recognition.

Are you discouraged from expressing milk or from breastfeeding during work hours?
Tell us and we will send a letter with information about Oklahoma's laws and the new worksite recognition initiative.

Wallet Cards with this information are available free of charge in English and Spanish.

To request a card or a supply of cards, use the Breastfeeding Legislation Card Order Form 2017, or contact or email:

Amanda Morgan
405-271-4676 or 1-888-655-2942

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