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Breastfeeding Your Baby with Special Needs

Benefits of Nursing Your Baby with Special Needs – La Leche League 
(These pages have been reprinted with permission from LLLI publications. Articles are listed with the most current published or revised items first.)

Oklahoma Breastfeeding Hotline
Línea de Oklahoma Lactancia Materna

24 Hour Toll-Free Breastfeeding Support Line for nursing mothers, their families, partners, expecting parents, and healthcare providers. All calls returned by an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC).
1-877-271-MILK (6455)

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Hospitals with Breastfeeding Support for Babies with Special Health Care Needs

Oklahoma City

Pediatric Specialty Centers

Milk Banks

Mothers' Milk Banks screen donors and collect, process, and dispense donor human milk, which is prescribed by health care providers to help preterm and fragile infants thrive.

  • The Oklahoma Mothers' Milk Bank (OMMB), located at 901 North Lincoln Boulevard, Suite 330, in Oklahoma City, began dispensing pasteurized milk in August 2013, and now is officially operating as the 13th milk bank in the U.S.!
  • The Oklahoma Blood Institute (OBI) is partnering with the OMMB to assist in operations. The milk bank is located in OBI's new building, which provides a central location for delivering milk statewide and will benefit from OBI's on-site donor screening, statewide courier service, and locations around the state for housing of milk depots.
  • OMMB supplies pasteurized donor milk primarily to hospitals in Oklahoma, though requests from hospitals in the surrounding region will be considered.
  • Oklahoma Mothers' Milk Bank promotional video
  • Contact Information
    405-297-LOVE (5683)