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Tillman County Health Department

Communicable Disease

PurposeGroup of People

Recognize and prevent communicable disease outbreaks such as food and waterborne illness, tuberculosis, and childhood diseases.

Contact to OSDH Communicable Disease web site: Acute Disease Service

OSDH Reportable Disease Forms/Cards Disease Reporting

Center for Disease Control -


Registered nurses and sanitarians are always available to investigate outbreaks as they occur. In most circumstances, these professionals work as a local team with consultation from state epidemiologists to address community problems.

To report a problem

Please call 580-335-2163 to report your problem. Your call will be referred to an environmental specialist or nurse on call. After hours, there is an Acute Disease Service Epidemiologist-on-Call available 24 hours/7 days a week at (405) 271-4060 for communicable disease consultations and reporting of diseases or outbreaks.

Link for fact sheets for diseases

Reportable infectious diseases: What to Report  and  How to Report

OSDH Disease information links: Disease Information

Contact person for questions

Call 580-335-2163 for an appointment. 

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