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Texas County Health Department

With its rich history and friendly faces, Texas County is a great place to call home.  Our citizens take pride in taking care of their own and the community spirit runs deep.  

At the Texas County Health Department, we are proud to provide services to our neighbors.  

Our work touches every person in Texas County, everyday.  We promote healthy behaviors with an emphasis on prevention and early detection and work to prevent illness and injuries.  We strive to prevent the spread of disease by protecting the food we eat, the water we drink and the air we breathe.  

With so much information available on the web these days, it's difficult to find what you are looking for.  This web site is designed to help you find programs and services available whatever your age might be or need might be.  It also provides links to other sites with trusted information.  We hope you will find it not only helpful, but easy to use.

Special Announcements
We do provide immunizations year round, avoid the back to school rush and get your child in early during the summer for necessary immunizations. Contact the health department for more information.

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