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Consumer Protection

One of the Sequoyah Health Department roles is to carry out a county wide program for food safety to promote health and prevent disease through education, training and regulation.  This system is designed to work in partnership with the people who make the day to day decisions that actually determine food and consumer safety – the operators and employees of the food service, pool or hotel establishments.

Local health inspectors issue permits to operate these facilities once they meet all the requirements of the OSDH rules and regulations, and then educates the managers and workers to help them operate safely.  Continuing education on consumer health and safety is offered in several ways.

  • Food Handler Class (Food School) See below for class information
  • If you need to take a Pool School Class to receive your CPO certificate, you can find more information and schedules on the Oklahoma State Consumer Protection Website. If you need the class for Oklahoma City or Tulsa, you are required to take the class at those health departments. Click here for a statewide class schedule

Services provided by Consumer Health:

  • Inspections of:
            Restaurants and bars
            Places selling prepackaged food (like grocery stores)
            Hotels, motels, bed and breakfasts
            Food service in schools, day cares, institutions, and camps
            Swimming pools and spas open to the public
  • Performing investigations and consultations on:
            Potential food borne disease
            Potential rabies exposure
  • Providing technical services:
            Instruct Food Handlers class and administer tests
            Extensive plan review of food establishments before construction

Click here to find out how to open a business with food.  

Need information on daycare requirements, inspections, or licensures? The Department of Human Services handles these subjects

Need information on nursing home requirements, inspections, or licensures?  Oklahoma Long Term Care Service handles these subjects

Other helpful links

To open a new establishment

Health Inspectors review and approve applications for the construction of new establishments or the remodeling of existing ones.  Examples of facilities required to submit a plan review include restaurants, food trucks, hotels, bars, or businesses selling pre-packaged items. If you plan to open a public bathing place (e.g., pool, hot tub) you will need to follow a different set of steps.  More information about public bathing places can be found here.

The plan review process begins by submitting a Plan Review Worksheet to the local Health Department.  Plans are reviewed to ensure that the establishment will have all the necessary facilities and equipment for safe operations.

When changing ownership of an existing licensed establishment, the new owner is responsible for contacting the local health department, to make sure all paperwork is turned in and a new licensed is obtained. One of the main delays in reviewing a set of plans is missing information or management not notifying the health department within a reasonable timeframe.  So if you are unsure of what we will need please do not hesitate to contact us.  New owners will need to make note that licenses are not transferrable.

Fee Change Notice: The 2017 legislative session approved fee changes for the following programs:  Food, Lodging, Temporary licenses & Public Bathing. Click here to see these rule changes or view a summary of fees by clicking on a program above.

List of other agency contacts needed for licensure:

You may need to contact several local or state agencies to find out what you need to do to complete you Food Business Plan before construction including Local building inspector, Fire Department, ABLE, DEQ, Oklahoma Construction Industry Board etc.  Most agencies have an information specialist who can answer your specific questions.  Which agencies you contact will depend on your particular business.  It is the responsibility of the business owner to contact all other agencies to find out what regulations and permits will be needed.

Food Handler Class

Local city ordinances and some food establishments may require a food worker to attend a class or training, pass a test on food safety and obtain a food handler permit.  The Sequoyah County Health Department offers food safety training so the worker can get a food handler card.

Where:  Sequoyah County Health Dept.

                 612 N Oak St., Sallisaw, Ok. 74955

When:    2nd Wednesday every even month 9:00 am. February, April, June, August, October and December

  • Classes start promptly on time with no exception
  • No one will be admitted after the class has started

Class consists of a power point presentation with discussion.

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